Executive Profile

Our organization follows a cross-functional team-based approach to business. Each team has the resources to carry out the entire process from development to delivery for the client.

PROMOTER AND CEO - Ranjeet Chawla

Promoted the company in 1991. Previously, Managing Director of May Department Stores International Inc. (India, Nepal, Bangladesh) for 10 years.

Forward thinking apparel executive specializing in product development, sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain management and merchandising operations. Believes in developing, deploying and optimizing processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and maintain high quality standards.

DIRECTOR HR & FINANCE - Jennifer H. Sarang (Wife of Co-Promoter Late Mr. Manpreet Sarang)

An experienced professional in the fields of training, business development, corporate affairs and entrepreneurship for financial services, manufacturing and consultancy businesses in India.


Head of management for finance, logistics, human resources and operations. Has been with East End Apparels since the company was established.


Jyoti Taneja
Inderjit Juneja
Harpreet Singh
Silky Khanna


Ajay Tuteja
Ram Naresh
Davinder Marwah
Sandeep Kumar Sharma